Shipping Policy

Delivery Terms and Conditions

  1. The Company shall provide delivery of the Products during such time period as communicated to You through the Platform. The Company endeavours to deliver orders in the said time time limit, however, the Company does not guarantee the delivery within the said time, since the exact delivery time of each order may vary due to various factors such as availability of third party delivery service providers, demand, traffic and weather conditions, a force majeure event, etc,. Our customer care will keep you informed if there is a significant delay in the estimated time of delivery.
  2. Orders placed between 9am to 8pm will be delivered within 90 mins of order confirmation. For orders that are placed outside of this window will be processed on the following day as next day delivery.Β 
  3. The said delivery time not applicable for certain areas of the city that are farther located from the city center. Please check with customer care at (+91) 82966 84333 before placing the order. The Company shall dispatch the delivery within time, but the actual delivery time will depend on the distance of the address specified by You.
  4. The delivery of the Products will be made to the delivery address specified by You while placing the order for the Products on the Platform. You are solely responsible for providing a complete and correct delivery address and, if applicable, further instructions for delivery. The Company shall not be responsible for any delay in delivering the order placed by You on the Platform caused due to the incorrect or incomplete address provided by You.
  5. The delivery service is provided through third-party delivery service providers. The third-party delivery service providers will ordinarily make deliveries when an appropriate person is able to receive the order at the address provided by You. If You request to leave a delivery unattended at Your address, You expressly disclaim the Company from all the liabilities which may arise by virtue of the Products being left unattended for a period of time. This includes but is not limited to theft, tampering, contamination, and the result of any change in temperature of the items which need to be kept chilled or frozen. ThePetProject is not responsible for any non-performance or breach of any Delivery Task by the Delivery Partners. ThePetProject does not guarantee the performance of any Delivery Task by the Users or the Delivery Partners respectively, of any Delivery Task initiated on the Platform.
  6. The delivery charges are mentioned on the Web site.